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Our Divisions

litigation Division

  • Provides legal advices to Black Forum-SA;
  • Provides legal advice and representation to Black Forum-SA members as per Executive Committee advice;
  • Establishes and manages investigative and private prosecution wing;
  • Litigate on sui generis cases in South Africa.

Communication & Stakeholders Division

  • Create and sustain professional and corporate image of the Black ForumSA;
  • Manages PR & communications of the Black Forum-SA;
  • Be media liaison body of the Black Forum-SA;
  • Manages recruitment campaigns;
  • Manages membership database and stakeholder relations.

Research & Policy Division

  • Establish research institute for effecting meaningful research on matters of national and international interests;
  • Establish academic and non-academic journals for knowledge production and dissemination;
  • Provides well-researched policy recommendation to the government of the day.

Creative & Cultural division

  • Promote African culture and values;
  • Establish working relations with traditional leaders and spiritual leaders and/ or institutions;
  • Effect cultural exchange programs within the country and in the continent;
  • Promote cultural and creative industry.

Education and Training

  • Establish Black Forum-SA schools and training colleges;
  • Establish basic & higher education strategy for curriculum transformation;
  • Influence institutions of higher learning on decolonisation and africanisation of curriculums;
  • Influence basic and higher education departments on matters of policy position and other general schooling system in South Africa.

Special Projects

  • Establish and manage programs on special matters of national interest
  • Advocate for investigation and/ or prosecution/ litigation on special cases of national importance;
  • Manage international relations of the Black Forum-SA

Land, Agriculture and Sustainable Development

  • Advocate for expropriation of land without compensation in the country;
  • Advocate for government empowerment of black farmers;
  • Establish business network for black farmers;
  • Influence government policy on empowerment of black farmers;

Technology and Innovation

  • Advocate for 4IR innovation among black youth and black institutions;
  • Advocate for 4IR and 5G education in schools;
  • Establish black IT Innovation Network in the country.

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