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About Us

Historical Background.

Black Forum SA

Black Forum South Africa is a lobby group organisation that advocates for Black solidarity and Black Unity in South Africa. The genesis of the organisation could be traced back in 1988, when it was founded at the University of South Africa (UNISA), as Unisa Black Forum, by esteemed black professors and academics. The main purpose of Unisa Black Forum was to advocate for transformation and Africanisation of Unisa research and academic curricula, and to permanently dismantle the perpetual imbalances of the past between black and white colleagues. Since its inception, the Unisa Black Forum has managed to transform or replace various policies, systems and practices which have perpetuated white domination and privilege for many years within the entire University of South Africa. We are proud to state that black professionals and general black staff members who have been trapped in such perpetual states of childhood and inferiority, prior to the inception of the Unisa Black Forum, are currently enjoying their total state of emancipation at the workplace. The University’s culture of one race dominating the other has drastically changed
and the attitude and thinking among staff members has improved significantly

Twenty-six years into democracy and thirty-two years since the inception of Unisa Black Forum, it was realised that black people in South Africa have never attained their full or equal rights of citizenship in the way white people have. White systems which aim to sustain white privileges and supremacy over black progress and independence are still alive and well. Black people have been subjected to a permanent state of socio-economic ills, and they have accepted such anomalies as the conditions naturally married with being black. A black life, educated or not, within this democratic country, depends on white systems i.e. school curriculums, official languages, cultural relevance, business growth and employment as well as legal and economic influences/systems and so forth. These painful experiences have been internalised and normalised in black society.

Against this backdrop, the Unisa Black Forum has, in the year 2020, graduated into Black Forum South Africa.

About us

Black Forum SA is a non-partisan organisation that organises and unites black people and black institutions in South Africa to address common challenges and achieve common interests of black people. Black Forum-SA is for black unity and solidarity beyond party politics in order to permanently dismantle the black state of inferiority. It is thus our national political social justice response to the colonial-apartheid hangover, which is constantly suffered by black people in democratic South Africa. It is about time that White privilege be contested in every sector and space within our democratic country.

As Black Forum-SA we take upon ourselves the responsibility to drive the black agenda. We are not going to waste time lamenting the inequality of our society; we are instead going to use all our powers to equalise it. And our power is in our resolve and in our numbers. We will not be hindered by political affiliation, religious affiliation, ethnicity or class. Ours is a black agenda.

To advocate for restoration of black cultural values, languages, institutions and systems

To advocate for solidarity of black people beyond political party lines

To advocate for black unity and dismantle the black individualism syndrome

To advocate for establishment of black economic emancipation and self-reliance

To restore black dignity in the country through quality legal representation

To advocate for sophisticated and meaningful professional skills development among
black people.

To drive the black agenda of equality and dignity for all black people in South Africa

To protect black people against anti-black colonial systems that still remain entrenched
in the democratic dispensation.

To develop and support black business: not just the few businesses that have been the
product of BEE, so it can rise and be able to compete with established white business.

To actively frustrate and ultimately castrate (rid-off) colonial imperialist domination in
South Africa

To assist government in the process of the decolonising of our public education for the
benefit of all our children.

To fight vehemently against racist tendencies often visited upon black people by white
people, often with impunity.

To fight against unfair labour practices levelled against black people in the work place,
whether by white people or their black compradors

To control, dominate and influence the intellectual and cultural forces, education, language,
orature and literature of our people

To build decolonised black institutions of learning from elementary levels to post-tertiary
heights (knowledge creation stages)

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To fight for, empower and uplift black people in South Africa to a place of equality in all spaces of being

To accelerate South Africa’s transition into an equal society

To assist black people to reclaim their power

Quite simply, our vision is to be South Africa’s driver of the black agenda.

To restore native power and transform black people into owners of this land instead of
“hewers of wood and drawers of water”

To contest and destroy white supremacy

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Our founding members